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Release Dates Aplenty

September 19, 2008

This past week, due to school, I was unable to frequently post, causing me to miss out on some big release date announcements. While I have been shifting from class to class, most people have been finding out when SackBoy will be running, jumping, and sacking into our hearts. The complete mini-rundown is below.

Mirror’s Edge: EA’s parkour-esque, free-running spectacular will be available on the PS3 and Xbox 360 on November 11th. It is rumored that the PC release date has been delayed, considering that it was conveniently left out. A demo for the game will be out before launch, and PS3 owners can expect exclusive DLC, which is a relief compared to the next announcement.

Grand Theft Auto IV (360 DLC): Microsoft confirmed that the “exclusive episodes for Grand Theft Auto IV will be available on Xbox 360 starting fall 2008.” Fall has already started, so we might be continuing Niko Bellic’s epic adventure soon.

LittleBigPlanet: Anxious gamers will finally be able to make their own SackBoys and levels on October 21st. The game that might convince me to buy a PS3 is out in almost a month; I better start scraping some cash together.

Prince of Persia: On December 2nd, the cel-shaded, AI-redefining chapter in the Prince of Persia series will be in stores. The game will be out on 360, PS3, and PC, alongside a DS counterpart, Prince of Persia: The Fallen King.

Wii Music: The game that brought us all ear aches at E3 2008 will be flying onto shelves and into the homes of North American five-year-olds, on October 20th. If you want your games to be more like toys, Wii Music might be for you!


Far Cry 2 Location: Africa

September 10, 2008

Sure, all gamers want realism in their games, but what do the developers have to go through to acheive said realism? The folks at Ubisoft Montreal traveled to Africa first-hand to make sure every last detail is true to the real environment. Complete with a group of colorful characters, numerous shots, and more lethal animals than Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends this is a series Far Cry 2 fans will not want to miss. Take an inside look at how the developers collected audio, gained artistic references, and more.

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Far Cry 2 Focusing On Immersion

August 30, 2008


One aspect of games that hardcore gamers often overlook are “teleporting” camera animations. A perfect example of this: Halo 3’s vehicle flip. Whenever a player overturns their vehicle in Halo 3, a message prompts them to press a button to flip the vehicle. Ubisoft Montreal is trying to create a revolutionary sense of immersion in Far Cry 2. One of their main goals for Far Cry 2 “was to immerse the player in the physicality of his avatar,” and “to make him really feel like he is physically embodied in that world.” To acheive this, they have made fluid animations for virtually every action in the game. From wear and tear visable on the player’s weapons, to navigating via a paper map in real-time, the folks at Ubisoft Montreal are attempting an astonishing level of realism. With as little as I used to know about this game, it is shaping up nicely to be my most anticipated shooter of the year.

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