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Take Two Stock Falls After EA’s Withdrawal

September 16, 2008

Electronic Arts dropped their $2 billion bid for Take Two yesterday, causing the company’s stock to plummet abour $5 per share. Ubisoft is said to be a “possible buyer,” but it is unlikely that they would surpass, or even match, EA’s bid. Take Two can manage itself for now, considering that they “[have] one of the most successful proprietary game franchises in the industry, [are] profitable, [and have] no debt.”

In February 2009, Take Two’s three-year contract with Rockstar’s Sam and Dan Houser expires. If Rockstar goes independent, which they surely could, Take Two would lose an ace in the hole. Analyst Michael Pachter questions “whether Take-Two can retain [Rockstar], and if so, at what cost.” Seven months ago, gamers everywhere were scared that Grand Theft Auto would be under Electronic Art’s control, but now the wheels seem to be turning in the opposite direction.

Via Huron Daily Tribune


GTA IV DLC Might Take a While

June 30, 2008

I have some potentially bad news for all GTA IV owners who are anticipating the quick release of DLC. There could be quite a delay before it actually comes out. Michael Hollick, voice and motion capture actor of Niko Bellic, was featured on ign’s weekly podcast, GameScoop. Daemon Hatfield from the IGN Nintendo team asked “So, there’s episodic content coming for GTA IV; have you already recorded those parts, or do you have to go back and hit those?” Hollick replied “I have not. Yeah, I have not. I’m not sure exactly, you know, what is involved or if Niko’s involved or anything like that.”

This doesn’t mean that DLC won’t be out soon, because no one, except for Rockstar, knows what content is going to be released. If Niko isn’t involved in the DLC then this would all be disregarded. Perhaps a new weapons or vehicle pack will be released. I think we can all rest assured that Rockstar will deliver with what’s to come.