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Release Dates Aplenty

September 19, 2008

This past week, due to school, I was unable to frequently post, causing me to miss out on some big release date announcements. While I have been shifting from class to class, most people have been finding out when SackBoy will be running, jumping, and sacking into our hearts. The complete mini-rundown is below.

Mirror’s Edge: EA’s parkour-esque, free-running spectacular will be available on the PS3 and Xbox 360 on November 11th. It is rumored that the PC release date has been delayed, considering that it was conveniently left out. A demo for the game will be out before launch, and PS3 owners can expect exclusive DLC, which is a relief compared to the next announcement.

Grand Theft Auto IV (360 DLC): Microsoft confirmed that the “exclusive episodes for Grand Theft Auto IV will be available on Xbox 360 starting fall 2008.” Fall has already started, so we might be continuing Niko Bellic’s epic adventure soon.

LittleBigPlanet: Anxious gamers will finally be able to make their own SackBoys and levels on October 21st. The game that might convince me to buy a PS3 is out in almost a month; I better start scraping some cash together.

Prince of Persia: On December 2nd, the cel-shaded, AI-redefining chapter in the Prince of Persia series will be in stores. The game will be out on 360, PS3, and PC, alongside a DS counterpart, Prince of Persia: The Fallen King.

Wii Music: The game that brought us all ear aches at E3 2008 will be flying onto shelves and into the homes of North American five-year-olds, on October 20th. If you want your games to be more like toys, Wii Music might be for you!


360 Price Cuts Official, HDD Too

September 5, 2008

As if we didn’t know already, Microsoft has officially announced price cuts for all Xbox 360 SKUs. Multiple retailer fliers were photographed and posted on the web before they were supposed to be shown. All rumors were true, and the Xbox 360 is now the cheapest gaming console available. The Arcade unit is now $199.99, the Pro (60 GB) is $299.99, and the Elite is $399.99. Another important piece of information, the stand-alone 360 Hard Drive will also have a slashed price. You can buy a 120 GB Hard Drive for $149.99, a $30 decrease. If you want, buy an Arcade and a 120 GB HDD for approximately $50 less than the cost of the Elite.

Via Major Nelson Blog / Kotaku

Export Rock Band Songs For $5.00

September 5, 2008

Harmonix told us a long time ago that all of the original songs from Rock Band could be exported to Rock Band 2, but for a small fee. The export system has already been updated into the game and it’s only going to cost $5.00 (400 MS). For the price of about 2-3 DLC songs, you can remove the aspect of disc-swapping. It’s up to you to decide if $5.00 is worth saving the occasional twenty seconds it would take you to open the disc drive, take out Rock Band 2, put in Rock Band, and load the game.

Vodpod videos no longer available. Via Xbox 360 Fanboy



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Halo 3 Getting New Achievements?

September 4, 2008

Remember that game that was released almost a year ago? Halo 3 I think it was called. Anyways, there is a new rumor floating around that it will be graced with some additional achievements soon. At PAX this year, Bungie brought a build of the game called “Mythic,” which, according to Bungie, was blown out of proportion. Some people thought it was going to be an online only release of the game, others thought it was a build for a the Mythic map pack. An even juicier rumor recently popped up due to photos of new achievements. ShackNews has reported that a new campaign might be on it’s way. The new achievement list below gives more evidence to this speculation.

Heretic Skull – 25gs
Citadel Skull – 25gs
Assembly Skull – 25gs
Sandbox Skull – 25gs
Orbital Skull – 25gs
Longshore Skull – 25gs
Tank Dropper – 25gs
Zombie Repeller – 25gs
Delicious Brains – 25gs
Save This Film – 25gs
Have Fun Respawning – 25gs
Killtacular – 25gs
Awww, Too Bad – 25gs
… Get the Horns – 25gs
Post Mortem – 25gs
Ghost Patrol – 25gs
Blades of Fury – 25gs
Pull – 25gs
Hammer Time – 25gs
Look Both Ways – 50gs
Road Rage – 25gs
Flag Dropped – 25gs
Defend This – 50gs
Came… From… Behind… – 50gs
Alas, Poor Yorick – 25gs
Double Double – 25gs
Vidmaster Challenge: Brainpan – 25gs
Vidmaster Challenge: 7 on 7 – 0gs
Vidmaster Challenge: Lightswitch – 0gs
Vidmaster Challenge: Annual – 0gs

Via Kotaku

Ninja Blade Debut Teaser Trailer

September 1, 2008

At Xbox Japan’s Fall Press Conference today, they unveiled their new “cinematic action” game, Ninja Blade. With Itagaki-san leaving Tecmo, Microsoft realized they were short one ninja game. Developer From Software, creators of the Armored Core series, should make an easy transition from third-person shooter, to third-person slicer. The debut teaser trailer shows a ninja descending from an aircraft into Tokyo. Meanwhile, the Ryu Hayabusa wannabe is filleting winged demon monsters. With such little shown of the game, I’m wondering how it will differ from the Ninja Gaiden games.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Bungie Unveils New Map: Assembly

August 30, 2008

All Penny Arcade Expo attendees will be able to play Bungie’s newest map creation this weekend. The new map, Assembly, is very…um…purple, and it has a definite Covenant theme. It is unknown when Assembly will be available to the non-PAX goers, but Bungie has released some screen shots to tide you over.

Via Kotaku

Check Out The 360 Dashboard At PAX

August 30, 2008

Going to the Penny Arcade Expo this weekend? If yes, then you should visit the Microsoft booth so “you can see the new Xbox Experience before anyone else.” Larry Hryb will be at the show with his own dev kit, showing off the brand new features, such as the guide and party mode. Larry will be demoing the new dashboard on Saturday and Sunday, at 10:30am and 3:30pm.

Via Major Nelson Blog

Gearbox Software Behind Halo 4?

August 27, 2008

The Official Xbox Magazine reported a rumor that Gearbox Software would be working on Halo 4 as a launch title for the Xbox 360’s predecessor. Considering that Gearbox has had some experience with the franchise, granted it was only a port to the PC, this rumor might not be that far off. Ben Fritz of Variety claims his Gearbox source said they have “definitely had conversations with Microsoft about doing a new “Halo” game and is very excited at the prospect.” The evidence is all very promising, but Fritz’s source affirmed that “there was no deal in place.” At this point the Halo franchise has been run dry. We already have the first three, but now there’s the possibility of being slapped with four more: Halo Wars, Bungie’s project, Peter Jackson’s Halo, and Halo 4. Soon, I’ll agree that this is the most overrated franchise.

Via Joystiq

Update 2: Rumored Price Cuts Coming For 360

August 21, 2008

This rumor started when a mole repoted to Ars Technica that price cuts would soon be coming to all three 360 SKUs. Then, a member of VG Chartz posted a retailer database photo further confirming a price drop. Now, Radio Shack is basically announcing the price cut with a print adverstisement, showing the Elite model at $399.99 and the Arcade model at $199.99. If you are still skeptical, considering that this still is a rumor, expect an announcement straight from Microsoft soon.

Via Engadget 

Microsoft’s Music Peripherals Also Cross-Compatible

August 20, 2008

The Official Playstation Blog was updated yesterday confirming the cross-compatibility between some instruments in Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero: World Tour, Rock Revolution, and SingStar. Chris Paladino spoke for Microsoft when he posted on the Gamerscore Blog, saying:

“For the record, we also do that, so consider this an official announcement.

All the instruments from Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero: World Tour, and Rock Revolution will be cross-compatible.”

I’m against all games that make me have to buy another whole set of plastic instruments. I have to say thanks to Sony, Microsoft, Activision, Neversoft, Harmonix, and, I guess, Konami.

Via Kotaku