Hello! My name is Jordan Snyder, and I am the author of This Week In Games. On this blog I will keep you updated on all the latest gaming news. Whether it’s new trailers or announcements, I’ll have it posted. If you are a frequent viewer of my blog I recommend that you subscribe to my RSS feed using the sidebar on the main site. Choose to have my feed emailed to you or you can view it in a reader. Thanks for reading! 

You can contact me by sending an email to:


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20 Responses to “About”

  1. Symer Says:

    Nice, neat site. Well done.

  2. reviewthosegames Says:

    Thanks, I’m trying my best.

  3. deuslegend Says:

    Nice site. One thing I need to do for my site is write reviews. I’m jealous :(.


  4. Jordan Snyder Says:

    As you can probably tell, my first three posts are reviews, then look at all the other posts. All of my posts have been news related, mainly because I just don’t have time to write lengthy reviews. I have a Word Document for the game LostWinds, but I haven’t gotten around to finishing the review. I understand the name of the site might throw you off, but I’ll tell you why it’s like that. I started off wanting to have a blog based solely on reviews. Then I realize, I can’t pay for all these games, so I’d have to review older games or the occasional new game. Getting news out to people is much easier and has brought me more viewership. If I do make the leap to purchasing a domain name and a host, I’ll change the name. Sorry for the long reply, but I just wanted to get that out there. Thanks for the feedback.

  5. deuslegend Says:

    Reviews are pretty killer. I stopped doing them a long time ago. I just stuck with doing news and providing other content for gamers. Good luck with your site.

  6. Jordan Snyder Says:

    Thanks a lot. Good luck with XBLN. I’ll link to your site.

  7. deuslegend Says:

    ok thanks. We are The Xbox Live Network not Nation. I will start an affiliates link back.

  8. Jordan Snyder Says:

    Sorry, I changed it. I get delirious at 3:00 AM. Haha.

  9. knight0fkh0nshu Says:

    wow….somehow I’ve been missing out on this conversation, lol. Oh, I see that you got my game site name changed, thanks for that. I went ahead and bought the domain so no one would have the one I wanted, lol. I’ll eventually upgrade and start hosting my own site and it’ll actually show up as gamerlore.com

  10. Jordan Snyder Says:

    Nice, I wish I could do the same. Being a 14 year old with school about to start… Yeah. Eventually I hope I can buy a domain and hosting, but if not I’ll look for “jobs” on other sites.

  11. knight0fkh0nshu Says:

    If you ever decide you want to go to another site, you can always write on mine. You do an excellent job with yours and I’d gladly accept your talent to my site if it ever comes to that 🙂

  12. Jordan Snyder Says:

    Thanks! If I’m ever down and out, I’ll know where to look.

  13. deuslegend Says:

    If you’re an xbox gamer, Xbox Live Network has a place for you 🙂

  14. Jordan Snyder Says:

    I’ll just see where this site takes me, 🙂

  15. knight0fkh0nshu Says:

    lol…decisions, 😛

  16. Deus Legend Says:

    How about both of you come work for the XBL Network?

  17. Jordan Snyder Says:

    I really don’t think I should, not that I don’t want to. Writing for my own blog/site gives me leeway, which I definitely need right now. I’m about to be a freshman which doesn’t bode well for my stress level, and I have a project I have to finish before school starts.

  18. knight0fkh0nshu Says:

    So did you give up on this blog?

  19. Jordan Snyder Says:

    I wouldn’t say that I “give up” on it, but my school work is holding me back. I said this in a different comment, but I started the blog in the summer, when there was nothing to hinder my writing. I haven’t made any plans to update this blog during the school year, but I want to get involved during the summer.

  20. Deus Legend Says:

    The door is still open for you to join TheXBLN. You dont have to post when I say, you make your own schedule. I have quite a few contributors that post like say once a month or something. You can post whenever you like for TheXBLN. Its up to you. I have others that post a lot and myself doing the most posting currently. But I’m in the process of hiring someone to fill in the gaps posting what I cant post. Like I said, its up to you. Let me know.

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