LittleBigPlanet Levels Will Not Be Region Locked

After some confusion and disappointment, Sony has announced that LittleBigPlanet “will have a global server,” correcting their false announcement. Gamers everywhere were saddened to hear that they wouldn’t be able to share levels with their international friends. This message comes from a Sony representative who confirms the game won’t be region specific:

Hi all, as many of you may have heard already in an interview at Leipzig the senior producer for LittleBigPlanet announced that the game is region locked. This is in fact not the case, and all shared levels in the game will be available worldwide. The confusion arose out of regional differences in how moderation will work as there are different legal rules each region have to play by, and at one point this looked like it may require the game to be independent in each region – however this has been worked around and there will only be one region for the game…. a LittleBigRegion.

Apologies for any confusion over this issue, however I’m pretty sure you’re happy with the result.

Now, SackBoys around the world will be able to play in peace. Hooray diversity!

Via Kotaku


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