Pokemon Platinum Debut TV Spot

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out over a year ago, so here comes the third special game that is bound to come out. Red and Blue had Yellow, Gold and Silver had Crystal, and Diamond and Pearl will have Platinum. Game Freak is starting to run out of titles, but I don’t care how stupid they are, Pokemon is addicitive. The TV spot below shows off intriguing new content, such as an apparent anti-gravity level. I can’t wait to emmerse myself into the Pokemon environment once again.

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5 Responses to “Pokemon Platinum Debut TV Spot”

  1. knight0fkh0nshu Says:

    I’m not ashamed, I’ll definately say that I love the Pokemon games. I think I have just about every handheld Pokemon game on the market as of now 🙂 I just can’t get enough….and the awesome thing is, my little girl loves the tv shows, so I can buy those for her and watch them myself as well…haha!

  2. Jordan Snyder Says:

    Haha I wouldn’t dare tell anyone at my school that I love Pokemon. I started out playing Blue when I was really young. I remember calling one of my older cousins about twenty times trying to find an item. I never played any of the GBC/GBA games because I was in the phase where I had to say “Pssh, I hate Pokemon! It’s for babies!” Then, in 2007 I went and picked up Pearl. I was addicted right from the start. I started building teams and battling online, and I still use the computer program Shoddy Battle today. I would watch the show, but my parents would freak out, haha.

  3. knight0fkh0nshu Says:

    Eh, I think if you like something what’s it matter what everyone else thinks. I understand though about the school thing though, peer pressure can really blow sometimes, lol.

  4. Jordan Snyder Says:

    Very true. Outside of school I’m a different person, lol.

  5. Blackpanfa Says:

    Yeah I agree, I love Pokémon, but if my mates found out I would take a trash can home instead of a bus, lol.

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